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The following subpages should be moved/deleted to conform with our policy. List generated on May 23, 2003, redirects not listed.

  • Note that the Wikipedia software only recognizes subpages by the "/" in the title, so the list below may include some articles which are not actually pages with subpages, but simply pages with a "/" in the title (e.g. GNU/Linux). Please add them to: Articles with slashes in title.
  • /Temp pages and /Templates can be moved into the Talk: namespace, e.g. Afghanistan/Temp would become Talk:Afghanistan/Temp. This should not be done in cases where the yellowish or bluish background of the talk namespace would make proper design difficult, e.g. Main Page/Temp.
  • Alternate versions for A-Z subpages are, e.g. List of films: A-D, Poker jargon starting with A.
  • User and talk namespaces may have subpages (see Wikipedia:Do not use subpages), and support for them is enabled for these namespaces. In the Wikipedia-namespace they are common as well (see Wikipedia:Alphabetical index), but could probably be moved.

How to update[edit]

See /How to update.