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The ideas that are floating in my head. Okay, so here goes:

  • the system will be like a wiki, but not exactly "The Wiki Way" wiki
  • every page will either be intended for an individual, for a group,
 or for the public.
  • if it is a private/individual's page, or a group's page, they can
 set whether the content that they generate is private or public (but
 only they can edit it.
  • public pages are readable/writable by anyone (anyone in the system,
 that is).
  • EVERY page is syndicated via RSS
  • EVERY page will have an associated IRC/Jabber chatroom.
  • every individual using this system can create a FOAF entry (creating
 a node in a Friendster-like social network).
  • every individual can create as many blogs as they want.
  • every individual's content can be set to be public or private.
  • every individual can create a group, and invite others to join a
  • groups can create their own content, too. And decide which items of
 their content are private to their group, or public.
  • a user can see what he's edited in the system, and who's editing his
  • Every page (as all good Wiki's do, anyways) will have a complete
 history of their revision history, including who posted it.
  • Every page will be enabled with the ability to translate it into
 another language, collaboratively.
  • the system will have a hierarchy/directory
  • the system's hierarchy will be given an initial design, but will
 then be maintained by people's voting on organizational additions or
 rearrangements. Example, if someone proposes a top-level category of
 "Foozball", then since it is unlikely to get many supporting votes
 from other people, it will not "make the cut".
  • therefore, the hierarchial organization of the wiki will be
 organized dynamically by the people labelling it and voting on it
  • the complicated graph structure of the system will be viewable via
 some graphical representation (
  • since *every* page is syndicated, some pages might act as
 aggregators, by merely taking various sources of info and pooling it
 into one source.
  • *risky* extension tools can be added to the site dynamically after
  it has been posted and reviewed by many members, and has very
  little "no" votes compared to those in favor. The code will then be
  • the system will have an open-source API, so that people can access
 the information stored it in with ease (via computer programs /
  • the system will be friendly to robots (i.e., webcrawlers,
 webspiders, scrapers, indexers, etc.).

Well... that's it for now!

It's hard to put a name on it, but by building such an expressive, easy to use, multi-lingual repository of knowledge, in an open and accessible way, we can bring about a second wave of the Internet Revolution, where everyone can meet, share/publish information, and translate it to numerous languages quickly.

As for the business side of things. Once (or if) this catches on, then we can do like what SourceForge ( did, and offer the exact same services as a corporate package (free for the people, expensive for the corporations). That's how VA Linux makes money on SourceForge.

Please click on the Talk link in order to discuss this idea. Definitely click that link and post a message if you're going to edit something here.