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Moved to "Alki Point" so it wouldn't appear as "Alki, Seattle, Washington" in the Seattle geography category; appearing as "Alki Point" in Seattle neighborhoods is OK on the model of "Haller Lake," etc. Lukobe 05:07, 8 Jul 2004 (UTC)

The problem with that is that the neighborhood is actually called "Alki" or occasionally "Alki Beach" but never "Alki Point". The neighborhood association, all local businesses, schools, churches, the city, and the county transportation system all use "Alki" to mean the whole neighborhood. I don't get what the problem is with it appearing as "Alki" in the Seattle geography category. (talk) 07:47, 8 September 2010 (UTC)

Hi! I don't understand the phrasing in "Alki Point also marks the salle extent of Elliott Bay." Could someone explain what "salle extent" means? Googling "salle" and "salle extent" have not helped. (In fact, the only page linked in google search for "salle extent" is this one.) Thanks! timbo (talk) 21:00, 30 March 2008 (UTC)

The article is riddled with malapropisms and other, ah, unique usages. Some seem intended to make the article sound more erudite, but just end up sounding florid. Others might be simple mistakes. This article is a source of stress for me, as it is about my home and I know how inaccurate, biased, and poorly structured it is. Someone needs to fix it someday, so I guess I'd better get around to learning how. Illexsquid (talk) 06:41, 31 January 2015 (UTC)
The phrase salle extent was removed in December 2008. What other phrases in the article do you find distracting or inaccurate? Also, there are a couple of WikiProject Seattle editors who track changes to this article and will be happy to review your improvements. It looks like you're off to a good start (although technically that edit should not have been marked "minor" since it included the addition, removal or alteration of text. Ibadibam (talk) 18:24, 2 February 2015 (UTC)

Too much like a tour brochure[edit]

I plan to extensively edit out the florid prose, but if anyone beats me to it I won't be sad. Much of the article is fluff about how Alki makes people feel and so forth. (talk) 07:47, 8 September 2010 (UTC)

Sorry; didn't realize my login had timed out. Here's my real sig: Illexsquid (talk) 07:49, 8 September 2010 (UTC)

New aerial photos[edit]

I've uploaded some new aerial photos of Alki point, below. Feel free to use if useful. Dcoetzee 10:00, 3 June 2009 (UTC)


Seattle pioneers at the dedication of the Alki Point Monument at Alki Beach - Left to right: Lenora Denny, Carson D. Boren, Mary A. Denny, Rolland H. Denny, and Mary Low Sinclair on November 13, 1905

This photo was removed from the history section where settlement and the Denny party as well as the monument are discussed, in favor of a contemporary photo of the marina. FloridaArmy (talk) 10:07, 4 October 2018 (UTC)