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Was this posted by PROFESSOR LAURYSTON GOMES PEREIRA GUERRA, or copied by someone else who added the credit? Needs cchecking for copyright status -- the webpage linked to on the article has an email adress, might be an idea to ask -- Tarquin 20:27 Nov 6, 2002 (UTC)

Only the beginning, the background section, was written by this professor. I did the rest.


I've redirected Getulio Vargas to Getulio Dorneles Vargas, since they were identical. It appears that the middle section of History of Brazil is also identical to this article - how might they be merged to avoid redundancy? -- Wapcaplet

I'm not sure this is good idea, but I think the article about History of Brazil could be broken into pieces. If not so, the article about Getulio Dorneles Vargas could contain only information about him that's not at the History of Brazil article and point to it. TCascardo