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I don't think that the page should be at Agenor and Phoenix. The two are different figures, and should each have separate articles. But the current article is so interwoven, that I'd prefer the original author to fix it. john k 23:31, 2 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Listed for cleanup because some parts are written in an informal style, e.g.:

But most of our later sources make Cadmus and Cilix sons of Agenor directly without Phoenix intervening. If mentioned at all, Phoenix is their brother.
It really doesn't matter much.

I hope to get to it eventually if no one else does. Saforrest 01:23, Nov 9, 2004 (UTC)

Another Agenor[edit]

There is another Agenor with some importance in Greek mythology; he was a Trojan warrior who battled with Achilles in Book 21 of the Iliad. Should he be mentioned on this page as well?

This passage is unclear[edit]

In the section "Mythology", it's said: "In some versions of the tale, Agenor sends her other brothers as well: Phineus or Thasus (and of course Phoenix in the versions where the Cadmus's father is Agenor)." Was that meant as "in the version where Phoenix's father is Agenor"? Otherwise I can't understand the sense of that sentence. Kumagoro-42 04:35, 9 September 2017 (UTC)